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Roslyn Davis

Roslyn Davis

President and CEO

Roslyn Davis, a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, and civil service employee from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, serves as the President and CEO of RoDa Business Solutions.

In her role as the company‘s head, she is responsible for defining the strategic direction of the organization and ensuring the smooth execution of day-to-day operations. Ms. Davis oversees budgetary matters and data analysis efforts, playing a crucial role in maintaining the company’s financial stability and achieving its objectives. She places great importance on building relationships with government agencies and contractor firms to foster growth opportunities and promote collaboration.

Ms. Davis holds a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy, which she earned from the National Defense University’s Eisenhower School of National Security & Resources Strategy in 2017. Prior to that, she achieved a perfect GPA of 4.0 and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management from Stratford University in 2015. Additionally, Ms. Davis has been a certified Project Management Professional since 2008 and remains an active member of the Project Management Institute.

Cynthia Scott-Makkers

Cynthia Scott-Makkers

Director of Operations

Cynthia Scott-Makkers, a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, civil service, and contract employee, serves as Director of Operations for RoDa Business Solutions.

Mrs. Scott-Makkers has an extensive background in both the military, civilian, and contractor sectors, she has necessary expertise to enhance the executive teams’ capabilities of the company. As Director of Operations, she is responsible for defining, implementing, and revising operational policies and guidelines for the organization. Working with human resources department to create job descriptions, hire competent personnel, oversee employee training programs, and develop/implement staff evaluation parameters. Mrs. Scott-Makkers oversees client support and manages procurement and resource allocation.

She holds an Executive Master of Healthcare Administration from The George Washington University and Master of Business Administration from the Webster University. Mrs. Scott-Makkers is a certified Project Management Professional, from Project Management Institute.

Angela Greer

Angela Greer

Director of Marketing

Angela Greer is the Director of Marketing for RoDa Business Solutions. She is a visionary in educational technology, whose work has dramatically transformed college campuses, especially the University of Central Florida, into digital pioneers. Her leadership at St. Louis Community College showcases her ability to merge innovative ideas with technical prowess, modernizing education and enhancing student experiences across the nation.

Angela’s knack for turning visionary concepts into practical solutions has revolutionized educational structures and digital platforms, making learning more accessible and engaging. Her expertise extends to graphic and web design, enhancing her projects with visual appeal and user-friendly interfaces.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration and Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.

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